ExtremelyFab is a Wellness Tea, Beauty, and Empowerment Brand. Our mission is to encourage, particularly women, to love the skin they are in. We want people to become the best version of themselves. We sell weight loss and detox teas specifically to aid in a person's weight loss journey, we do not want our blends to be a substitute for long term weight loss efforts. That's why our Extreme7 blends are for 7 days only. We want to help kickstart your weight loss journey, but do not want to create a dependency. We have multiple tea blends in the pipeline as well. Try our Extreme7 today. Additionally, we create empowering and inspirational apparel and accessories that help uplift and motivate. We want our customers to constantly be reminded that they are ExtremelyFab.

We get this question a lot. The truth is, we believe that in order to maintain healthy weight loss, you must incorporate a healthy diet and exercise. However, we recognize that those alone may not always do the trick. At times, after even the hardest efforts, we do not see results. That can be very discouraging and many times it is a deterrent. That's where Extreme7 comes in. If you lose some weight in the first week you are far more likely to want to keep it off. This will likely encourage you to eat right and exercise. In addition, our Extreme7 is exactly that, it is extreme. Therefore, we prefer and recommend that it is used only for 7 days consecutively.

Part of the detoxification process is releasing excesses from your body. The first couple of days you may find yourself using the bathroom all the time. You may even be on the toilet for awhile. That is part of the goal of our blend. We want to clean out the excesses and hopefully aid in your weight loss journey. If at anytime it is too much for you or too harsh, please cease drinking the tea.

We never guarantee results and we recognize that everyone's body is different. However, many that have used our brand have lost pounds in the 7 days.

This is another question we get until people use our product. We base these prices on the cost of the ingredients and operational costs. We do not want to sell anything that we do not feel can deliver. In addition, if you look at other big brands, even though they may sell their teas for 28 days, if you divide their teas by 7 you will notice many are actually more expensive than ours.

We highly recommend that you wait at least 4 weeks or more. As we said above, this is not supposed to be for daily consumption. It is supposed to aid you in your weight loss journey and encourage you to work towards a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise.

We apologize if your order is delayed or you have not received it. You should have received a tracking number once your order was shipped. If you have a tracking number you can check tracking on our website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Track Order". Enter your tracking number or order number and click "Track". If you do not have a tracking number, but you have your order number, please reach out to us. You can email us at contact@extremelyfab.com or you can chat with us online on our website. If you still haven't gotten the response you seek, call us at 646-308-1350.

Generally, the answer is no if it is our tea blends. We do not provide refunds for dissatisfaction. However, if you received a faulty product, such as it was damaged when you received it, we will replace it free of charge. We do, however, offer refunds, in certain cases, for apparel or accessories. Please read our refund page for more details.

We really appreciate you taking the time to write a review. To receive the 50% discount code, please send us a copy of your review, your full name, your email address, where and when you purchased our product. Send this to contact@extremelyfab.com. Once we verify the review was created by you and is not spam, we will send you the 50% discount code. You can use the code to purchase anything on our website, including apparel. Only one code can be used per customer. We offer other discounts as well and specials. If you would like to send us pictures of your results and testimonials you can send them to contact@extremelyfab.com.

We love hearing from customers. If you could not find an answer to your question please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can email us at contact@extremelyfab.com or visit our website to chat with us.