You have a right to have expectations in your relationships.

You have a right to have expectations in your relationships.

We all have expectations. Some are realistic and others are pure fantasy. However, there are some expectations that should be consistent. In a relationship there are things you should expect from your significant other. Those expectations should not be compromised. For example, mutual respect should be a principle you are unwavering on. Respect encompasses the belief that you have value. Who you are as a person is worthy of acknowledgement. 

Understanding, which means that who you are should not be a burden. You must be allowed to be who you are and who you are must be respected. Your partner should not try to modify, alter, change, recreate who you are, they must understand you as you are.

Caring should be an expectation. While you can’t ask each person you are with to move at the pace you do, there is an expectation that they will care for you. They will guard your heart and protect its fragility like an egg. They will be considerate of your feelings and make an effort to make you happy.

Compatibility is important, and not the textual or philosophical interpretation of it, but the bonding the two of you share. When you are compatible you enjoy each others company. You feed off of one another and invest in making each other happy. You know what the other person likes and dislikes are. You understand and respect their personality, their goals and ambitions. You support their endeavors. You compromise when it doesn’t alter you as a person.

Too many women are in relationships for the sake of being in a relationship. The bar is so low that there are no standards or expectations. Their partner is not required to respect, understand, care or be compatible. They just merely have to exist. When there are no standards or expectations it is easy to be abused and disregarded. The partner does not have to make an effort to appease you which thereby leads to abuse and neglect.

Never enter a relationship without knowing what you expect. Be discerning enough to know when you are not getting what you deserve. Have the willpower to walk away when your needs are not being met. Never lose sight of your worth. Your worth is determined by you and can only be lowered by you. Never let anyone ask you to lower your standards in an effort to elevate theirs. Be realistic and never lie to yourself. When it’s time to go, leave the troubles behind, pack light, and head to your next destination - next stop is introspection and healing.

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